Sunday, 31 July 2011

Maya Mel

This script will let you do two things that are extremely simple, but insanely useful for animators that are posing and setting a lot of keys on characters, as well as animators who are doing a lot of anim transfer onto characters:
It has a single super simple UI that lets you:
1. Save and label the setAttr (pose) commands for all keyable attributes of all selected nodes to your shelf, with the push of a single button!
2. Save and label your current selection set to the shelf with the push of a single button.
This script uses the "catch" command, so in case you re-name some nodes, the nodes that still exist will still get affected. This script is a solid replacement for recordPose and savePose; it is faster to use, and requires no copy/paste from the script editor. It still prints the commands into the output window, though, just incase this is useful to you. enjoy!

dkAnim.mel is for Importing or Exporting animation channels in Maya. dkAnim has many advantages over Maya's import/export .anim plugin, read dkAnim.txt or the header of dkAnim.mel for more information.

This script was written a long time ago, actually surprised it's still useful.. guess that's either a testament to mel or a hit against Maya for not making this process easier out of the box.

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