Thursday, 7 June 2012

GIMP: GIMP not detecting / recognize WACOM

The pen pressure setting of GIMP works on the office computer, but not my laptop.
I googled " GIMP WACOM NOT" etc...
And try any ways I could do.
Actives GIMP by pen not mouse.
Updated and reinstall WACOM Drive.
Reinstall GIMP.
a couple hours later it was 1:30 am them I gave up.
I though it might be the wacom intous2 problem.
But when I waked up this morning, I found this site

The " Tablet Preference File Utility ", which I haven't find in other article.
So I removed My Preferences and All User Preferences both, then launch GIMP again.
It works!!!

The version of GIMP : 2.8
Windows system : win7
Input Device : wacom intuos 2

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