Thursday, 18 April 2013

Naming Convention between Maya, 3ds Max, MotionBuilder

In Maya, you can't name objects with special symbol. If you consider or might have a chance using Maya, 3ds Max or MotionBuilder together. Please do care how you name your objects. especially for CS BIP. Since it auto name bones with "space".

And if you import FBX into Maya. It will auto rename your objects which have special symbol as "FBXASCXXXX". I think autodest should fix this "bug"!

Maya 物件名稱不支援 特殊符號 及 空白。利用FBX轉檔,這些不支援的名命都會被改成"FBXASCXXXX" 。若要考慮轉檔共用( 3ds Max <-> Maya <->MontionBuilder ) ,請記得要注意命名,像是cs bip ,預設名稱就有 空白。

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