Saturday, 19 May 2012

Eyeball constrain 眼球運動設定

I made a quick sample to show how eyelid follow eyeball's movement.

Head - EyeBall (0,0,0)
Head -UpperLid_Aim (0,0,0)- UpperLid_Ctrl (0,0,0)-UpperLid_end (0,0,x.x)
Head - BottomLid_Aim (0,0,0)-BottomLid_Ctrl (0,0,0)-BottomLid_end (0,0,x.x)
Head - HeadEnd #This is for ObjectUp of Aim Constrain

1. All bones are Y axis up.
2. Skin my creepy eye model.

3. Setup Controller in maya or mobu.
Controller(Mark) Group( Null)
Eye_GP-Ctrl_Eye-  UpperLid_GP- Ctrl_UpperLid
Eye_GP-Ctrl_Eye-  BottomLid_GP- Ctrl_BottomLid

4. Add 3 Aim and one Relation constrains

EyeLip follow Eye movement Setting眼皮跟著眼球運動
Aim_EyeBall      [EyeBallCtrl_Eye] Object up #控制眼球
Aim_UpperLid  [UpperLid _AimCtrl_Eye ] weight 50~30 ; Object up#跟隨眼球
Aim_BottomLid [BottomLid_Aim / Ctrl_Eye ] weight 50~30 ; Object up#跟隨眼球

Relation_EyeLid # 控制眼皮上下左右
[Ctrl_UpperLid:ty / UpperLid_Ctrl :rx]
[Ctrl_UpperLid:rz / UpperLid_Ctrl :rz]
#important that the nodes should in local mode, and the Number for Multiply is depend on the envirment size.

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