Thursday, 3 May 2012

mobuBoneCreator mel script

The basic function of creating joints base on MotionBuilder order is completed.

How to use??
First  :
source  "oOmobuBoneCreator.mel";
run oOmobuBoneCreator() without select any object, it will creat temp locators named for MotionBuilder.
place locators to fit your model.
For the locators of finger, please using duplicate 3 times. then parent them.
Notice1: Once you add new locators please add a prefix name "P_". and re-parent it.

To create all joint by selecting all the roots of locator and run the script again.
it will automatically create joint base on locator and do mirror.
if you just want create a row then just select one root of locator.
Notice1: Right now this script only support a straight hierarchy or single joint. it is not support a hierarchy has branch.

maybe I should record a demo video, if I have time.

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