Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Home work!

I am thinking to animate a set of character animations for Game in game engine like Unity or UE. Since I've been working in game industry for a decade. But all my works belongs to company or client. Right now more and more people develop their own games. This might be another way to contribute my work.

I already have some list of animation for like MMORPG.

The basic animation set will be :

  1. idle
  2. walk
  3. run
  4. physic attack
  5. magic attack
  6. damaged
  7. death
The pro animation set could be:
  1. idle
  2. idle-engage
  3. idle-tired
  4. idle-lookAround
  5. walk-4 directions
  6. run - 4 directions
  7. normal attack
  8. heavy attack
  9. special skill attack
  10. magic attack
  11. small damage
  12. big damage
  13. death
The emotion set
  1. happy
  2. cry
  3. talk
  4. wave
  5. nod
  6. no
  7. no idea
  8. thinking
  9. knee
  10. lets go
  11. okay
  12. thumb-up
  13. dance
  14. clap
  15. cheer
I will learn and use blender for this work. Hope it won't take too much time to learn. I am not going to publish is message until the basic animation set be finihsed.
Feel free to let me know if you have any idea or you want to join me.

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