Thursday, 16 July 2015

Maya animation export fbx command

For exporting animation.
There should add few lines to setting the fbxExport option before file command.

FBXExportBakeComplexAnimation -v true;
FBXExportBakeComplexEnd -v `playbackOptions -q -max`;
FBXExportBakeComplexStart -v `playbackOptions -q -min`;
FBXExportBakeResampleAll -v true

see FBXExport for more infomation:

code sample:
    mel.eval("FBXExportInputConnections -v false ;FBXExportBakeComplexAnimation -v true; FBXExportBakeComplexEnd -v `playbackOptions -q -max`;FBXExportBakeComplexStart -v `playbackOptions -q -min`;FBXExportBakeResampleAll -v true" )
    cmds.file( os.path.join( exportingPath,filename ) , force=True, options ="v=0;" ,typ="FBX export" ,pr =True, es= True )

I've tried to add those command into file - options flag. but it looks like doesn't work for the time range. That's why I put them before use file command.

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